Liberty and Freedom for All? Stupid Things that Children Have Done!

July 04, 2011

Freedom is never given, it is won."  Philip Randolph


Stupid Things Children Have Done


Max Carnage says, “Two words: Lawn Darts. ”My brother and I used to get 4 Jarts (the real kind with the pointy rusty metal tips), throw them up in the air, and run!”


Caricci says, ”I used to like to melt and/or burn things on the gas stove. I still have a scar on my thumb from melting sugar on a spoon. I also melted the plastic cap to something and ruined a burner.”


Tanookie says, “ We parachuted off the porch roof with umbrellas and drove our bikes off the garage roof. (About age 8-11)


Mommy Teaching: "Our children gain their freedom from proving themselves as responsible individuals.  If they cannot prove it by the time they leave home, are parents to blame?"


Stupid Things Children Have Done


3.885AM says, "A friend and I found several boxes of shot gun and rifle ammunition in his basement. We proceeded to open a number of the cartages and deposited the contents into a glass jar, about a pint as I recall. We then punched a hole in the lid with a nail and inserted a rather crude homemade fuse, screwed the lid on the jar and placed it in the driveway. After setting up a suitable shelter, consisting of a sheet of plywood leaning against a saw horse we lit the fuse and retreated to our place of safety. No sooner had we reached cover when there was a blast of much greater proportions than we had anticipated. The sheet of plywood was completely covered with imbedded pieces of glass, shot and gravel, some to a depth of about ½ inch. This was not our only brush with potentially terminal stupidity but certainly our most spectacular. We were old enough to have known better, about 15." 


IceQueen says, "Plugged scissors into a power outlet (each tip into a separate little hole). There were blue sparks, and the tips of the scissors got melted. The sad thing is, I must have been like 12.

QID says, “I found an unused .22 bullet on the sidewalk one day. Being a curious 12-year-old guy, or thereabouts, I picked it up and took it home with me. After getting bored with just looking at it, I thought I'd try to do something with it. So, I took it down to my father's workshop and clamped in his vice horizontally, so the striker end was facing out, picked up a hammer and smacked the bottom of the cartridge. *BANG* The cartridge flew out of the vice at high velocity, striking my hand and cutting it, and the bullet flew off God-knows-where, never to be seen again.”


Lost 4 Life says: “Of course, there was the time we found some dynamite (in gel form) and tried to detonate it by lighting it on fire and throwing it against a tree, or the episode when we went hunting and got about 200 yards apart from each other and started firing our shotguns at each other just because. The one that worries me the most is when the city would spray for mosquitoes using a truck discharging who-knows-what, we would all run through the fog inhaling the funny smelling smoke. Other than that, I was a pretty normal kid.... until high school.”


Ol’Gaffer says, “My friends and I detonated a 6-inch steel pipe that was packed full of black powder and had a fuse made out of coiled toilet paper. We took it out to some orange groves outside of town and while most of us crouched down in an irrigation canal, my friend Mike lit the fuse. According the "bomb-maker" the fuse was supposed to go about 10 seconds or so. That was incorrect by about a factor of 10. I have no idea how Mike wasn't blown in half. We could hear the bits and pieces whizzing by above our heads.”


"Liberty is the right to choose.  Freedom is the result of choice."  Henry David Thoreau


Stupid Things Children Have Done


Largo62 says, “I don't know how I made it to sixteen, much less sixty. When I was about seven I stuck my finger into a light socket to see what would happen. I thought the jolt would rip my arm off.”

At about eight I was playing in the backyard and saw my dad's old push-type lawn mower leaning up against the house. I started spinning the blades with my finger to watch them spin. On about the third try I didn't get my hand out of the way in time, and cut the pad off my index finger. Hospital trip number one (to try to stitch the tip of my finger back on). The flesh grew back, and there's no scar.”


Gotpasswords says, "When I was 8 or so, an older brother gave me a clock motor, which was connected to a power cord with wire nuts. I plugged it in, and the motor turned. Wondering how it would work if connected a different way, I connected all the wires together under one wire nut and plugged it in. POW!"


Lovejoy says, "There are ten kids in my family, and six of them are boys. We did about as much dumb stuff as we possibly could. Fourth of July was spent blowing up models of army men stuff that we had built for weeks prior to the holiday, and then we had Roman Candle fights with metal trash can lids as our shields. Phosphorous hurts when it strikes your bare leg!


Tommyturtle says, "Here's yet another example of how stupid I was when I was a kid...I of course have matured greatly since...ha!
I was playing with fireworks like everyone else only I didn't stick them into a bottle or can...I would light them and HOLD them until they were almost ready to go off then throw them up in the air.


What could possibly go wrong?  One of them went up...up...up...then angled downward BEFORE it finally ignited then it shot a million miles an hour right at a car that had just turned the corner on our road.


Can it get worse? Yes it can...the LADY driving had her drivers side window open and it went INTO her car...then it exploded!


SciFiSam says, "There was the time my best friend and I, aged seven, put an entire pack of Hubba Bubba into our mouths and tried to blow the biggest bubbles in the world. The bubbles we blewwere bigger than our heads - which meant that when they burst, the gum went all over our faces and hair! We tried to get it out with soap, water, even tissues and butter - in the end we looked like half-plucked chickens greased for the oven, with a Head&Shoulders marinade. Our Mums were not pleased, especially when they had to cut some of our hair off to get rid of the gum."


Cjgurl427 says, "I have no idea what posessed me to do this. When I was three I was at a barbecue at my parents' friends' house. I was wandering around the patio, and for some reason, decided to *sit* on a large cactus. Ow. My mom spent the entire evening picking cactus needles out of my cute little toddler ass."


Mirror Image egamI rorriM says, "I touched an electric fence, just to see what it felt like."


Kallessa says, " We used to ride our bikes (stingrays) as fast as we could down the alley (a gravel alley) and then put on the brakes really hard so that we would skid. And if you turned the wheel and put your foot down, you could skid in a circle, at a slant--real cool stuff. But the stupid part came when I did it barefoot and in shorts. Gravel embedded in my foot, my ankle, my shin and my knee. Where there wasn't gravel, there wasn't any skin, either."


BadBaby says, "Didja ever fix up a sail out of mom's best sheets and go and sailing?
Among other things, I played in the irrigation canals, jumped into the shallow end of the pool from our second story window, and lay down on the highway near our house to see how close cars would get before putting on their brakes. My poor parents; I was considered the 'good one' in our family.


Astralbovine says, "I attempted to scuff my barefeet on an old wooden deck. I got a big 3-inch splinter embedded in my foot and a hole in my sole (har) for a good month and a half."


Dana27 says, "I remember once we were convinced that a person could not consciously make themselves breath through their nose when they were underwater. (We were about 8 at the time and god only knows why we thought this.) So at the community pool we all took turns submerging ourselves under the water and trying to breath. Sometimes you have to wonder how anyone survived being a kid. 


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