October 03, 2011

Sometimes we set our children up for failure without even realizing it.  Let’s face it, we are our children’s lifelong teachers and it takes patience to teach and train them to be successful productive members of our world.  Here are ten tips for helping your children accomplish any task.

  1. Make sure your children have the equipment and tools to accomplish the goal at hand.  If you want your children to do chores, then let them have a cubby hole of supplies they can get to when it’s time to pick up or clean.  If you have older children who do homework then make them a homework survival kit with pencils, markers, rulers…etc.
  2. Set up an area that is well-lit, quiet and off limits to others during the task time. 
  3. Schedule the activity at the same time every week or every day depending on what it is you want your children to do.  If you want your children to make their bed then have them do it at the same time every day.     
  4. Encourage your children to do the task on their own.  When children are empowered to take responsibility for a task, it gives them ownership over it and they are more likely to continue doing the task. 
  5. Motivate your children with praise, rewards, and special privileges.
  6. Break down big tasks into several smaller ones with due dates for each part.
  7. Clearly define expectations for your children.
  8. Be available to your child for questions and help.
  9. Explain to your children why the activity or task is so important.  Tell them how it affects them and others.  Understanding the relevance of the activity will help motivate your children to participate.
  10. Stay positive even when your children fail.  Remind children that failure is part of learning and practicing.  Coach  them to use failure as a stepping stone to the next success.   
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Ang (October 12, 2011)

These are great tips!  My kids are starting to get to the age where they can and should start helping out around the house and my oldest will start having homework soon, so I will definitely use these tips….THANKS!!

jason (December 31, 2011)

Oh, these tips are so good, I think I need to use them to teach my children. Sometimes, I don’t know why my children are not listening to me.

Lonny (March 07, 2012)

I enjoyed your article. I must say I agree with pretty much everything you have mentioned.

WebsiteChecker (May 26, 2012)

This article gives a good description and helps me understand the issue which confused me a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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