Columbus Day

October 10, 2011

I get to spend Columbus Day with my husband and two daughters.  It's always great to have an extra day off for the weekend.  I remind the girls that it is Columbus day and they sing a song they learned in school.

"Sail, sail, sail three ships slowly through the sea.

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, count them one two three

Land, land, land they saw after many days

Hurray hurray for Columbus

Columbus found the way

I think it is great that my children learn important facts about Columbus day while in school but other learning oppportunities are overlooked.  Columbus set his mind to explore new lands and he did it despite hardship and opposition.  He persisted to find funding for his travels and never let opposition stop him from accomplishing his goals.  His character demonstrated a strong sense of perseverence and hard work.  These qualities need to be pointed out as learning tools for our children.


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